The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia Launches Volume 8

Lemon Hill Media Celebrates The Scout Guide

Lemon Hill Media celebrates The Scout Guide and is delighted to announce the release of the latest edition of The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia Vol. 8, which was launched earlier this summer by our co-founder, Laurie Wightman. The Scout Guide connects people with local makers, experts, and one another in the community. In print and online, and on national and local levels, The Scout Guide celebrates small businesses, supports local entrepreneurs, and helps readers enjoy their communities to the fullest.

Throughout the year Laurie works on scouting out new clients that not only inspire community members through their services and businesses, but also are engaged in the community involvement of creating a more participatory network of like-minded individuals who best represent our region. There is a tremendous amount of work and creative effort that goes into developing the annual print guide, as well as the blogging and social media promotions throughout the year for each client. But the core focus for Laurie is branding and how to market each of her clients in an effective way for the endurance of their marketing investment. Each client is different and has specific needs when it comes to their branding.

With over 50 clients, Laurie’s primary goal is to make sure each business is being showcased in the best possible light.

From reviewing logos and copywriting, to discussing the creative process for the photoshoot and how to execute the most effective message and imagery that best embodies the client’s business, to designing each spread with her design team for a final result that is absolutely stunning – it’s all about the creative process and assuring each client has a brand that is best suited for them.

Lemon Hill Media Celebrates The Scout Guide Philadelphia

The guide each year is a true exemplification of the collaborative efforts between Laurie Wightman and her client’s businesses. Volume 8 of The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia is the sixth publication she has developed alongside her clients and design team at The Scout Guide. It is a beautiful representation of the work that Laurie has worked tirelessly at to assure each of her clients have a strong and impactful brand and message to invite the audience in, create curiosity and ignite a lasting spark. 

Lemon Hill Media Celebrates The Scout Guide Philadelphia

We are so proud to have this level of expertise and creative talent here at Lemon Hill Media. Together, we elevate your brand with visual storytelling and thoughtful strategy that delivers brand relevance and transformative growth.

We are sure to develop and manage brands, create intrigue, craft results-driven strategies and deliver a tailored approach to custom marketing communications that work for you and your business, just like we have done through our platform with The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia. Come be a part of the Lemon Hill experience and let us help you empower your brand.  

-Lemon Hill Media Celebrates The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia-

Lemon Hill Media Celebrates The Scout Guide Philadelphia