About Us

Lemon Hill is a full-service creative brand management and strategy company specializing in the luxury lifestyle and design industry. 

Founded by Angie Perry and Laurie Wightman who collectively bring over 30 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations expertise to every client’s custom branding needs.

We believe in relationships with clients who are seeking full brand strategy advising and long-term brand management for all creative marketing and public relations goals. Our overriding mission is to relieve our clients of handling these initiatives internally while elevating their brands to the next level. We are seen as an extension to their team.



Laurie Wightman

Co-Founder & Partner

Laurie Wightman brings 25 years of industry experience with a vast range of advertising, marketing, and editorial expertise throughout her career. After graduating from Penn State University with a major in Journalism she kicked off her career in advertising and marketing for media companies both in Philadelphia and San Francisco. This led to her next move in NYC where she worked with brands such as Liz Claiborne, US News & World Report, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Entertainment Weekly and the Entertainment Group of Time Inc./Time Warner handling advertising sales for print, digital, TV, and major event sponsorships. Following a 10-year stretch in NYC Laurie moved back to her hometown city of Philadelphia where she worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer as well as University of Pennsylvania’s public radio station WXPN where she handled both local and national media sales and marketing partnerships for both organizations. Wightman shifted gears and founded a hyper-local publication named Wayne Magazine where she was responsible for all advertising sales, editorial content both in print and digital, social media management, full editorial design, event and brand partnerships, and branding. She is currently the franchise owner and editor of The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia, which she had initially worked and partnered with Angie Perry until she fully took over the business. Laurie has a strong sense of managing a full media company with extensive experience in developing print, digital, and editorial brand strategies. She has extended her level of expertise to various clients to help with their brand story and development through marketing and public relations consulting.

fun fact:

Laurie is a lover of garden design, art history and interior design. She has taken continued education courses to help have a larger skill set and better understanding in the world of art and design. First section Laurie pulls out of the NY Times Weekend paper? Real Estate of course!


angie perry

Co-Founder & Partner

Angie Perry brings 30 years of industry experience through a compelling path of marketing and public relations. After graduating from University of Tennessee with a major in Advertising and Business, Perry worked for the top radio station in Memphis, TN handling advertising sales and marketing initiatives. She moved on to assist in all facets of marketing for the Memphis Redbirds minor league baseball team. From public relations to creative brand strategy, to fundraising efforts and marketing both locally and nationally, Angie wore all hats in the development of building a new team and elevating their brand to become one of the most esteemed Triple-A minor league affiliate teams. Later in her career she moved onto the luxury retail industry and owned a high-end furniture and home design store. This is where her passion and keen sense of design was ignited and a strong desire to combine both her marketing background with the love of luxury design and goods grew. Perry and family moved to Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs 14 years ago where she founded The Scout Guide franchise for the Philadelphia and Main Line market. As Editor of the publication and media brand she was able to marry her love of branding and marketing with supporting local businesses that fit within the luxury lifestyle category. Managing everything from the branding of TSG Main Line & Philadelphia to each individual client’s marketing package proved to be a successful entity in helping navigate how to run a full media company on every major level. She now brings all of her expertise to servicing A-list clients along the Main Line and Philadelphia that fit within the realm of custom home building and interior design.

fun fact:

In 24 years of marriage Angie Perry and her family have moved 8 times. She has a huge passion in real estate, home renovations and interior design. This has allowed for Angie to explore these areas of interest and she is simply grateful that her family continues to move along with her.

Together, both Laurie Wightman and Angie Perry have re-joined forces to bring their wide range of marketing and branding expertise to top-level clients within the luxury home and lifestyle spaces.

favorite Things

Our shared passion on a personal level lies within the love of architecture, interior design, and the beauty of custom home building. Our deep appreciation for the process within each of these areas of interest is vast and having a keen sense of understanding with how everything unfolds is one we enjoy immensely.

city pad

We adore the architectural details within a proper NYC pre-war building. Here is a fabulous example of an existing pre-war floor plan, composed of smaller separate spaces, that was re-designed into an open but defined footprint by our clients Peter Zimmerman Architects. The detailing in this Central Park West residence was inspired by the Art Deco building in which it is located on, from the custom designed moldings to the hardware throughout. The furnishings, upholstering and artwork fall perfectly in line to compliment the overall space by interior designers, Cullman & Kravis Associates, Inc.

Oceanfront Beach Getaway

We are avid admirers of any beach home but show us a stunning beachfront property in New England or out in the Hamptons and you have us at hello! Here is a home for the ages, designed by our clients Peter Zimmerman Architects. A traditional shingle style New England coast house with a Dutch gambrel roof. Classical proportion and scale throughout the home with spectacular views over the ocean.

Country Home

Take us into a traditionally inspired English manor home, and we will savor every detail as we flow from one room to the next. Here is a wonderful representation of a new residence located in Philadelphia’s Main Line that was inspired by the quintessential character of a Cotswold home in England. We love all the rich textures and patterns of the interiors that our client Barbara Gisel Design so carefully constructed with their impeccable eye for design that so fittingly came together in this beautiful country home that just makes you want to snuggle up with a good book, surrounded by all the creature comforts of country living.

Contemporary Brownstone

The old-world charm of magnificent brownstones as we walk the streets of Philadelphia and New York City is something to truly marvel at and most certainly a favorite pastime of ours. The character imbedded in the architecture and overall structure of these homes is truly a work of art. These days we are loving the contemporary renovations and design work within the homes which create such an interesting juxtaposition between that old-world charm and modern day living. Take a look at our friends' Pinemar (custom home builder) and Warren Claytor Architects, and see just how they were able to execute this overall masterpiece.

our philosophy

We believe in the power of storytelling. With any story there is a beginning and an end with the words in between that weave the ever-evolving narrative from one page to the next, threading together a beautiful work of art. We believe a story must be compelling from the very first moment we capture the viewer’s eye to invite them in and have them fully engaged throughout the experience.

Our approach with Lemon Hill is one where we artfully create a visionary roadmap for each client’s custom brand strategy. We believe capturing the essence of design and aesthetic are the key components to building a powerful foundation for any brand, and the process is one that must be thoughtfully crafted to cater each client’s particular needs. We further extend the process by bringing their stories to life in a meaningful way that leaves a dynamic mark and lasting curiosity.

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