Barbara Gisel Design: Where Unique Designs Meet Global Influence

Global Interior Design Firm

Barbara Gisel Design is a full-service global interior design firm specializing in unique designs with a global influence for residential, corporate, and hospitality design both nationally and internationally. Founded in 1975 with a foundational philosophy of designing homes where form follows function, this belief system is integrated into every project whether it be for building, renovating, or curating fixtures, finishes and fabrics. Barbara and her team of 15 employees work with each client to create cultured and familiar spaces that reflect purpose and emphasize functionality. BGD has built a world renowned reputation, with a diverse clientele throughout the United States, Europe, and South America.

BGD designs projects based on principles of sustainability, green design strategies, and are active in their awareness of new advances in technology that create spaces enriching the occupants as well as leaving a lighter footprint. Over the last forty years, BGD has established and developed a reputation for fresh and innovative approaches to architecture and interior design. Their staff includes two registered architects, seven senior interior designers and two certified WELL accredited professionals.

The range of design and talent that is applied to each project is fascinating to see as you flip through their portfolio online.

What we appreciate about BGD is how they don’t impose their style onto their clients. They listen to who their clients are, how they live within their space, and what reflects their lifestyle. They then work within these parameters to suit the needs of their clients and bring to life a beautiful home and/or business. Every single project has a distinctive aesthetic that tells the story of their client’s interests with an elevated level of design.

BGD brings a commitment to architecture and design to each project we undertake. It is their philosophy that design which combines a refined quality in aesthetics, wellness, workmanship, and materials provides the client with value that is sustainable. Across all disciplines, we work closely with our clients to develop creative, sensitive solutions to the project requirements and budget. The detail that marks the difference between an ordinary interior and a unique space that is truly expressive of the client is a BGD hallmark.

Check out Barbara Gisel Designs expansive portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects online and see why we are so proud to represent them with their marketing needs.

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